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Although all you saw was darkness, you felt warmth against your frigid body. Incomprehensible buzzing of unfamiliar voices filled your ears. As your eyes fluttered awake, you could make out a scarred yet angular visage, and now felt two muscular arms carrying you close. Fear and confusion overcame you.
You tried to squirm, but you were unable to feel much of your cold and heavy body. The man looked down at you with relief and a hint of astonishment.
Before you could force out a scream while being hauled off by the strange man, he spoke to you in a soft, reassuring voice.
"Please try not to move. You are safe now. I am a paladin of Voltron. I promise to keep you safe."
You are a cautious person, but you felt as though you could trust him. At least somewhat. He had a sense of sincere kindness in his his battle worn face, and in his gentle eyes and voice.
You were intrigued. "Voltron?" Was all that you managed. Your voice came out much quieter than you expected. You realized that speaking
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Modern Queen Elsa Lolita Fashion Dress by drpepperswife Modern Queen Elsa Lolita Fashion Dress :icondrpepperswife:drpepperswife 3 1
POKEMON SUN AND MOON - With Love and Alola! - 1
A’a i ka hula, waiho i ka maka’u i ka hale – (Dare to dance, leave shame at home.)
The roar of the plane's engine came to a stop as it made its way down the runway. A girl, short and plump, unboarded the plane with only a black backpack. She exited into the terminal. The short teenager tightly clutched an air sickness bag.
"Tara, keep taking deep breaths. You will be fine", she thought to herself reassuringly.
She stepped out of the Hau'oli Airport. As Tara crossed the threshold, she froze. Before her eyes was the brilliant glow of the sun setting over the water, which reflected the warm colors of the sky like a rippling mirror. The crashing of the waves and the cry of Wingull could be heard from the distance. Towering silhouetted palm trees waved in the gentle, warm breeze that had swept up Tara's brown, shoulder length hair; making it dance behind her. The sweet floral sent of plumerias hung in the space around her. Looking up, Tara could see violet night sky above
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Modern Disney - Elsa and Anna Sweaters by drpepperswife Modern Disney - Elsa and Anna Sweaters :icondrpepperswife:drpepperswife 14 2
Frozen Fan Fiction: Reflections - Part 1
The light of the full moon poured into the bedroom. Elsa, sitting in her hand carved chair by the triangular window, let the light splash her face as she was deep in thought. She looked down to her green, glittering  lap and then her empty right hand and how the glow of the moon made her pale skin seem almost ghostly.
There was a knock at the at the door. Elsa stood suddenly and then swiftly opened it. "We brought you warm goat milk," said Anna cheerfully, who was illuminated by the candle lit hallway behind her. She holding a tray gleaming because of the moon and sitting on it was gaudy glass filled almost to the top.
"And a flower!" exclaimed Olaf's voice proudly from the hallway. Elsa leaned her body over to see him dragging a sunflower twice as long as his body behind him, roots and all still attached.
"Oh!" gasped Elsa in shock while covering her mouth, struggling to hold in her laughter. "You shouldn't have," she said as she lowered her hand.
"Oh but of
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Art vs Artist by drpepperswife Art vs Artist :icondrpepperswife:drpepperswife 4 0
HTTYD Fan Fiction: Purifying Flame - Part 1
 It began with a pair of freckles.
 A single freckle sat on either side of the mouth on a pale teenage girl. Her red lips formed a smirk; the moment she had been waiting for had arrived. From inside a wrecked ship on Berk's rocky shores, she watched a ninety pound teenage boy walking along.
 "That must be the chief's son," she said softly to herself. She slowly reached under her black dried leather skirt and wrapped her long, slender fingers around the handle of a dagger that was belted to her upper thigh.
 She stopped. From around the bend came a sleek, black Night Fury. An additional five dragon riders came into view short after. She frowned.
 "I can't take them all," she thought to herself, quickly letting go of the knife.
 After the group dismounted their beasts they continued approaching. She listened carefully for what they were saying.
 "Look, it’s the shipwreck where we found Heather!" called the young Viking with cu
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Queen Elsa - Turning Dark by drpepperswife Queen Elsa - Turning Dark :icondrpepperswife:drpepperswife 73 13 Modern Queen Elsa - Blue Snowflake Sweater by drpepperswife Modern Queen Elsa - Blue Snowflake Sweater :icondrpepperswife:drpepperswife 102 10 Modern Queen Elsa - Short Dress by drpepperswife Modern Queen Elsa - Short Dress :icondrpepperswife:drpepperswife 48 4
Gakuen Vocaloid Part Two
. : i n j u r y : .
The next thing Miku knew was that she was lying with her head and shoulders elevated in a hospital bed in the medical wing. She saw a woman sitting at the visitors table with a brunette bob wearing a pink nurse uniform.
"What happened?" asked Miku, her head throbbing in pain.
The woman turned around and said, "Oh honey, you're awake! You ran into a marble pillar, dear. You gotta be more careful. How are you feeling?"
"My head..." said Miku, putting hand on her forehead, causing an ice pack to fall to her chest. "...hurts really bad."
"Well no wonder honey, you have a big ol' bump on your forehead," said the woman waving an unstable finger at her face.
Miku hadn't noticed until now that she had a slight slur and a wobble to her.
"How did I get here, Ma'am?" asked Miku nervously.
"My kid brother brought you here. Oh, and don't call me 'Ma'am', that's my mother's name. Call me Nurse Meiko."
"Yes Ma'am, um, I mean Nurse Meiko."
"That'sa good girl! Now h
:icondrpepperswife:drpepperswife 3 2
Gakuen Vocaloid Part One
. : f i r s t  d a y : .
"On behalf of Lola and Leon, our school's founders, I would like to welcome you all to the very first year of the Rising Star Academy for the Musically Gifted," said Principal Miriam's clear voice to the pool of students. "As you know, mornings will consist of core classes and afternoons will be vocal and instrumental training with your assigned instructor. What separates this school from any other is you, the students will also be vocally tutoring your instructors as well. All teachers and staff will be referred to by first name-"
Miriam was interrupted by a series of gasps, Miku being one of them. She searched along the tall ballroom walls lined with staff and met Luka's eyes to make confirmation of this, and she simply smiled, putting her index finger over her pale pink lips and then pointed to where Miriam stood speaking. Miku continued listening.
"... so when classes start tomorrow remember to have the appropriate materials with you f
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In the Dark of the Night (MLP)
In the dark of the night I was tossing and turning
And the nightmare I had was as bad as can be --
It scared me out of my wits --
The sun falling to bits!
Then I opened my eyes
And the nightmare!!
I was once the most mystical mare in all Equestria.
When the royals betrayed me they made a mistake!
My curse made each of them pay
But one little mare got away!
Little Twilight, beware,
Nightmare's awake!
In the dark of the night evil will find her
In the dark of the night just before dawn!
Revenge will be sweet
When the curse is complete!
In the dark of the night
She'll be gone!
I can feel that my powers are slowly returning!
Gather passion and a dash of perfume for that smell!
As the pieces fall into place
I'll see her crawl into place!
Say good night, Twilight, Your Grace!
In the dark of the night terror will
:icondrpepperswife:drpepperswife 5 11
Yes, I Want to Build a Snowman
Yes, I want to build a snowman
I want to go and play
But I can't see you anymore
I have to shut the door
And tell you to go away
We used to be best buddies
And now we're not
I wish I could tell you why
Yes, I want to build a snowman
Of course I want to build a snowman
Anna, bye...
:icondrpepperswife:drpepperswife 19 5
Cosplay Tips That Can Improve Any Cosplayer
Cosplay is an art and should be given your all. You are becoming one with your character thus becoming an art piece. Advice that I would like to give you is attention to detail. Attention to detail is very important and is what makes a good cosplay. I often refer to pictures of the character when I am putting on my cosplay and putting it together. Keep some saved and on hand.
Make sure you are well groomed. Shower the day of, wear deodorant, brush your teeth, shave, etc. Just a reminder. Plus you will look much nicer and feel much better.
The Hair/Wig
As far as hair goes I highly recommend getting wigs for your cosplays because using you can buy the exact cut and color and style it while your own hair is not as flexible.
When purchasing a wig, look for one that matches your character and refer to pictures. Make sure it is made out of kaneklon (Japanese top fiber), Ma Lunsi or human hair. Kaneklon is a Japanese made fiber and is the highest quality synthetic hair fiber. It is
:icondrpepperswife:drpepperswife 16 21
Draw this again! Meme - Pikachu by drpepperswife Draw this again! Meme - Pikachu :icondrpepperswife:drpepperswife 0 3
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