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The movie was amazing. I cried. I went to the premier as Toothless with a friend who was Hiccup. I plan on seeing it again in the theater with my little sis.

Before I saw the movie I had a dream that I was Hiccup's cousin and I had a Night Fury and he was riding Toothless and I was riding my dragon and we were riding our dragons in the water but then he got kidnapped but I saved him with a rouge dragon (Idk where our's went) and yea.

I had another HTTYD dream where I was hanging with cousin Hiccup and our dragons and then somehow it changed to modern day and I was in an old car with Astrid and she kept almost hitting stuff.

I have been a huge fan of the series for a while now and I would like to officially thrust myself into the world of vikings and dragons. Not only am I descendant of the Norwegian vikings (Hiccup and friends), but I have a deep love of dragons, the mythology and the history.

But before I start writing I feel like I need to do my research. I know a good deal about the vikings in real life but I cannot include much of that history in my HTTYD piece because of obvious reasons (slaves, pillaging, etc) so I need to rewatch Dragons Riders of Berk as well as watch Defenders of Berk to get a perfect idea of Hiccup's world.

I need to come up with a more interesting plot than that of my dreams. I initially had a similar plot to the Heather arc but when it came out my plans were foiled. I know I want to be Hiccups cousin because I see him as family (and he told me we were cousins in my dream). I would love to have a Night Fury but I am not sure I should have one because Toothless is supposed to be the last of his kind and all the main characters have different dragons.But then I had a Night Fury in my dream. What do you think? 

I will have to change my name (Tara) into something authentic for the story so I will be looking for one. 

I already have my viking designed from School of and you can see it here:…

My dragon:…


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